What inspired us to design this Names of Jesus Necklace?

At Christian Jewelry, we have the great opportunity to design jewelry for you. Our goal is to design jewelry that reflects faith in Jesus Christ. We don't have a surplus of time for designing, but what we do have, we dedicate to thinking of you and your needs.

As we were brainstorming ideas, ideas that could turn into jewelry of your collection, we decided that we wanted to focus on Jesus Christ. We wanted a product that reflected him. However, we wanted to do something different. We love cross necklaces, but we wanted something else. We wanted something simple.

So we developed a pendant necklace, one that could be engraved with the names of Jesus. These names would be names that He went by, symbols of Him, what we consider Him. They would be names of Jesus Christ, our Lord.

We designed something that allows you to literally wear His name. And it's beautiful. We love it. We hope that you love it too. It glimmers in the light, it's symmetrical, and it reminds us of Him in a whirlwind world that wants us to think of anything but Him.

Pick out yours today. They come in gold and silver. Also, let us know your thoughts if you think we are missing something in our collection on ChristianJewelry.com.