How to Wear a Purity Ring

A purity ring is a ring that represents a promise, vow, commitment or goal to abstain from sex until marriage. Purity rings are typically worn on the left ring finger. It is a significant symbol because it is the same finger on which a wedding ring is worn. It is to remind an individual their desire and goal to abstain from sex until marriage. Purity rings are worn by both men and women.

Once marriage takes place, the purity ring is removed and replaced with a wedding ring. The wedding ring becomes yet another symbol of purity, but it is also a symbol of loyalty to a spouse.

Before marriage though, there are alternatives to wearing the purity ring on the left ring finger. Although wearing it on the left ring finger is an important symbol in of itself, purity rings can be worn on other fingers as well. This may be a choice of convenience, and sometimes it is simply a matter of finding a comfortable spot for the ring. Also, others may want to reserve the left ring finger for their future wedding ring, leaving the left ring finger empty until that time.

Once you have selected your purity ring, it is important to wear it often, so that it can be a constant reminder of your promise to remain pure.

Your purity ring should be kept clean and not worn when there are high chances of it being scratched or damaged. Purity is clean and beautiful, so keep your purity ring clean and beautiful.

For those who desire a symbol akin to purity rings, without actually wearing the ring, necklaces are available. In fact, a purity ring can easily be made into a necklace simply by putting the ring on a chain. This is a great solution for men and women that don't want to wear a purity ring on their hand.

No matter how you choose to wear your symbol of purity, make sure that it is in a place where it can be a constant reminder to you. Find your purity symbol today.