Fashion Tips for Christian Men You'll Want to Know

Fashion senses vary for men of God, but we have a few tips that we hope will revamp your style. Whether you’re a guy looking for a new look or just someone who enjoys fashion in general, these tips are for you.

Besides, we all like looking good, right? Well it’s even better when you can look good while reflecting God in your fashion.

Don’t wear too much jewelry.

It can get a bit complicated when you start combining bracelets, rings, and necklaces. Don’t overload yourself. It will most likely just end up being distracting and the jewelry may clash. Keeping it simple will help you keep it looking good.

On the same note though, don’t oversimplify.

It’s alright to wear a ring or two, plus a necklace. It can look good—you just have to coordinate it and of course, feel comfortable. Let it match your style. Having too simple of a style is almost like having no style at all.

Necklaces are in.

This is always changing, but necklaces are in. Put on a nice button down shirt and a dog tag, or a v-neck with a cross necklace.

Wear what fits you.

This includes not only wearing fitted clothes, but clothes that fit your personality. Make your style you.

Dress up.

Business casual is definitely the thing to be wearing right now. That can mean, again, a button down shirt, nice jeans or slacks, and even a sweater or slim jacket. Moreover, dressing confidently like this can boost your confidence and help you maintain that sophisticated appearance you might be after.

Ask your friends what they think.

There a days when we dress up for ourselves, and then there are days when we dress up for other people. Ask your friends what they think. Do you look good? Are you wearing something that expresses confidence?

We hope this gets you on your way as you work on cultivating your style.

These tips can be applied to any kind of jewelry but we hope that you will take pride in applying them to wearing the Christian jewelry you love. God is for us, so let’s show that we are for him. If you need some new jewelry that reflects your faith in God, check out