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Birthstones are believed to lead back to the twelve tribes of Israel, there are also many other traditions and beliefs about birthstones. This necklace has all 12 months you can choose from, available in a black and white engraving. Courage Above Fear Birthstone Bar necklace becomes more personal to you or your loved ones. Not only speaking of God's plan, but even down to the specific birthstone. 

To make this an extra memorable gift, add your own custom message on the back for an additional small fee. This could be another favorite scripture or a short personal message. Ring boxes and gift wrapping are also available.

We have heard that you should have courage above fear, but being courageous does not mean that you aren't afraid. It means that you are afraid but you can stand up and face your fears to push through it. It also means that you should trust yourself and follow your heart. That you will go through hardships, but you will also get back up and be proud of yourself for what you've gone through.