How to Be More Grateful This Thanksgiving Season

During November, we invite a spirit of gratitude in our lives as we prepare for the Thanksgiving season. However, having an attitude of gratitude can be hard, especially if we are facing troubling times. Here are 5 easy ways to remember the abundance with which God has blessed us!

1. Take Time to Ponder Jesus

We live in a plugged in, busy world! We don't spend a lot of time thinking anymore. However, it is during times of reflection and meditation that Jesus can work in us and bring things to our mind. Set aside some time every day to think about what Jesus has done for you and how he is working in your life.

2. Keep a Gratitude Journal

There is no better way to show God something mattered to you than to record it. Get a notebook or have a special memo on your phone where you write down what you're grateful for every day. No matter how big or small something may be, write it down. You may never know how it will fit into the bigger picture of your life!

3. Express Gratitude in Prayer

Talk to God about the things you are grateful for. Pray every morning to thank God for another day and pray every night to thank him for the blessings he gave you. Always have a prayer in your heart, lifted up to God! Truly give thanks to the source of all good things this Thanksgiving.

4. Serve Others

When we realize how much we have, we will want to share it with others! Find ways to give back to your family, church, and community this November. Seek opportunities to bear your witness of Jesus to others and how he has changed your heart and brightened your life. Unashamedly share with others where your blessings come from.

5. Pray for a Grateful Heart

Jesus is the one who can change your heart. If you feel your heart is full of bitterness or unhappiness, pray to have your heart opened up so you can notice how God is moving in you and around you. Do your best to be humble before the Lord.