How the Symbols of Christmas Point to Jesus Christ

The Christmas season is full of symbols. There are stars and snowmen, trees and tinsel. While we enjoy the decorations, do our shopping, and wrap gifts, it is important to remember the true gift of Christmas: Jesus Christ.

Whether we realize it or not, the symbols of Christmas can point us directly to Jesus and remind us to worship him. Here are a few examples!

Candy canes: The shape of a candy cane is like the staff of a shepherd. Shepherds love their sheep and watch over. Jesus Christ is our shepherd and we are his flock. He is always there to find us when we are lost.

Christmas trees: Evergreen trees, those typically used as Christmas trees, stay green all year round. This reminds us that Jesus Christ gives us eternal life and power over death. We will be with God forever and ever.

Snowmen: Snow men are made from white, pure snow. The Bible teaches us that Jesus makes our sins as white as snow, even if they are as red as scarlet.

Stars: We often put stars on the tops of our trees. This is a reminder that a star led the wise men to Jesus in the stable. It pointed the way! Today, we can be led straight to Jesus by keeping his commandments, reading his holy word, and doing good.

Presents: Gift-giving is one of the most popular and loved traditions of Christmas. We need to remember that Jesus is the greatest gift of all!

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