The History of Cross Jewelry

At Christian Jewelry, we want to help you find jewelry that will match your unique and inspiring faith in Christ. In the world of Christian jewelry, one of the most prominent and beautiful styles are with the focus on the Cross. The Cross, in modern Christian culture, symbolizes the love of Christ, and His healing grace. But have you ever wondered where the Cross began to be worn? We did a little bit of digging, and we found an exciting history of this beautiful piece of jewelry.

The history of spiritual jewelry can be dated all the way back to ancient Egyptian times! In those early years, priests and leaders would adorn themselves in jewelry that signified their devotion to the gods. Many of these pieces of jewelry were extravagant in nature, and were often used as a status symbol to show their success.

After the death of Christ, many Christians saw the Cross as a holy symbol, but one that should not be glamorized since it was a painful reminder of the death of the Savior. During the Christianization of the Roman Empire through Constantine, the Cross began to have more prominence amongst leaders in the Empire. It became a symbol of that devotion to Christ and the Empire, but many of these Crosses were extravagant in nature and design.

During the sixth century AD, Saint Clement of Alexandria formally made the Cross the image of God, and many more Christians began to wear jewelry that highlighted the Cross.

Ancient kings and rulers during this time in history began to fill their tombs with spiritual jewelry and imagery. Large Crosses encrusted with gems would line their tombs as a way for them to show their devotion to Christ as they entered the next life.

As time has passed the Cross has become more and more prominent in modern Christian culture, and has become a wonderful symbol of the love that Christ has for each and every one of us. The Cross has now become a symbol of Christ's life, His sacrifice, and His goodness.

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