Overcoming A Season of Doubt

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Have you ever found yourself struggling with faith and questioned if you can even still be considered Christian? I know I have.

You might be doing your best, reading the Bible and praying daily, and attending church every week, but deep inside of you there is still a part that has doubts.


Some of the most faithful people I know have come to their faith because of a season of disbelief. I truly believe that God has given us doubt in order to test our spirits and see if we will come closer to His word or go toward the world.

Disbelief can be a hard and frustrating thing to deal with, but it doesn’t need to define your life. Here are a few things you can do to overcome disbelief.


Obviously, God is perfect and can perceive your thoughts (Psalm 139:2), but by actually telling Him that you are doubting, you are opening your heart to His help. When you find yourself questioning your faith, pray to God and let him know what exactly you are questioning. Ask for His help and he will certainly give it!


Many faithful men and women are recorded in the Bible as doubting their faith. Remember that a desire to believe (Psalm 147:11) is really all God needs from you right now. In 1 Thessalonians we are reminded that the word of God is TRULY from God!


Do not compare your spiritual journey to anybody else’s. Every person on the earth learns at their own pace and comes to know God and Jesus in their own time. Just because somebody you know is extremely confident in their faith right now doesn’t mean there is something wrong with you. God won’t abandon you ever, especially not on your journey to understanding.

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