5 Ways to Keep Christ in Christmas

We all know Christ is a part of Christmas. His name is literally in the holiday name! But do we take time to remember him during the season? Christmas has become a season that revolves around shopping and candy and Santa. Read our 5 suggestions on how to keep Christ in Christmas this year.

1. Find Ways to Serve

The Christmas season is all about giving! When you serve those around you you are able to feel a portion of the love God felt for us when he sent us his beloved son, Jesus Christ. Make treats as a family and deliver them to your neighbors. Find a local charity where you can donate used clothing and home goods you no longer need. Write kind notes for your coworkers and leave them on their desks. All of these acts of service are easy, but they are all sure to remind you of the love Christ has for you and everyone around you.

2. Listen to Christ-focused Music

Christmas music is so fun and festive! However, a lot of it takes away from the religious meaning behind Christmas. Here are some of our favorite Christ-centered Christmas songs:

  • Joy To The World
  • Angels We Have Heard on High
  • O Come, All Ye Faithful
  • Hark, The Herald Angels Sing
  • O Holy Night
  • O Come, O Come, Emmanuel
  • The First Noel
  • I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day
  • What Child Is This
  • Mary, Did You Know

3. Decorate Wisely

Christmas decorations are beautiful, but very few decorations you can find in most stores are very Christlike. Simple changes to your decorations will keep Christ on your mind throughout the holiday season. Consider purchasing or making a nativity scene for your living room. Put an advent calendar in a shared space where you can see scenes of Christ every day.

4. Read Stories of Jesus

Reading the scriptures seems like an obvious way to remember Christ, but it can be a hard thing to remember sometimes! Try reading a few verses about Jesus and his life every day during the Christmas season. Even if you only get one or two verses in each day, you'll find that the words of the Bible will stay in your mind all day.

5. Give Gifts That Point to Christ

Giving gifts that point to Christ will help you and the recipient remember the true meaning of this holiday season! Check out our top picks below.

Love Never Fails Katana Cross

Engraved Points Cross

John 3:16 Shield Cross

Fear Not 2 Nail Cross