If Ever Prayer Box Necklace

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    This silver plated necklace features a working latch and holds a prayer roll. It comes with a gift box that reads "If ever" Accompanying the necklace is a card that reads:

    If ever you are struggling
    or times become too tough.
    when you feel you're defeated
    or suffered long enough,
    Dont become discouraged
    there are better days ahead.
    have faith in tomorrow
    and believe God's word instead.

    And as a word of comfort
    I'm sending you this prayer,
    keep it with you always,
    take it everywhere.
    Read it when it feels like
    you just might fall apart,
    the cast your cares on Jesus;
    trust him with all your heart.


    Material Silver Plated
    Size 1/4" x 3/4"
    Chain 18"