Cutout Corpus Crucifix Necklace

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    Cutout corpus crucifix pendant on a 24 inch chain.


    Customer Reviews

    Overall Customer Rating of 3 Reviews:

    Unique design

    I really like the design idea. But the description gives no indication of size. Turns out it’s really too small for a man to wear. Better as a woman’s pendant. Preferably it should be a good half inch longer and quarter inch wider and twice as thick. Then it would really pop. I still wear it but people have to get up really close to see what it is. Turns out they like it but have made the same comment about it being too small for a man.

    Product review

    First thank you for sending me the item I initially ordered before I even returned the one I sent back. I gave 3 stars and I’ll keep it but there are issues. The website does not say how big it is. It’s smaller than I thought. Also the picture online makes it look thicker and heavier. It’s actually quite thin. Thin enough to bend with my fingers.But like I said I plan to keep it.

    Cutout Corpus Crucifix Necklace

    Unique, gorgeous, inspires the faith. I wear it 24 X 7.